plakát: etikett és táncelmélet - angol és lengyel nyelven - grafika: Czarli Bajka (PDF A1)

plakát: etikett és táncelmélet - magyar nyelven - grafika: Czarli Bajka (PDF A1)


The old village folk unwritten rules are still partly suitable for everyone to have a good time in the dance hall, have fun and dance well. It helps the community to function.

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  1. The girl who is asked
    Preferably don't ask the boy out, if you must, be nice. If you are in the front of the dance floor, it means you want to dance. Of course, eye contact and other cues are also important. If you are referring to a previous engagement, actually go dance with the other person. Discouraged (humiliated) boys will not ask anyone else later, and then girls who want to dance will have to rely on their close friends.
  2. The boy who asks the girl
    If you can't dance, or if you choose a much better dancer than you, tell him that, whether he'll go with you anyway; don't force him to be clumsy with a beginner. If she is the beginner, would she want to learn from you? If you are talking to someone during a dance break, it is appropriate to ask them when the music starts. Don't approach girls when drunk or aggressive. Watch your body language, if you can tell she doesn't want to go with you, don't force her.
  3. Get in, get out for circle dancing
    Once you've formed a circle, only get in if you're all invited or if you're friends. As a beginner dancer, don't ruin the unity of a well-rotating circle. After a long time of dancing, don't disturb an established circle. It's better to form a new circle from the start than to enlarge the existing one to the point where it has to split. Don't stop dancing, because this will disrupt the circle dance, and in a couples dance, it will hurt and let down the partner you have asked. Tie your shoelaces carefully before dancing
  4. Watch the circle
    The circle dance should always be closed. Make it a nice circle, not an egg shape. Everyone should pay attention to this. The pace and dynamics of movement should be similar around the circle. Let the circle be a unified whole.
  5. Learners, beginners
    Beginners should not enter the circle immediately, because they will spoil its unity. They should ask someone to teach them separately.
  6. Children's dance
    Children (under adolescence) have a separate dance class, where they learn the steps. In general, do not involve little ones in circle dancing. They can form a separate circle or play and run around without disturbing the dance.
  7. Photography, mobile phone
    Do not use your camera up close or disturbing the dancers. Don't use flash or bright lights to spoil the mood. Ask the host before taking a long shot. Don't let the glowing screen of your phone stand out in the dance hall. Keep it muted and out of sight while dancing.
  8. Dance request
    Traditionally, you can ask the musician to dance or sing for money or as a friend, but the musician or host must have the other dancers' best interests at heart.
  9. Singing, applause
    In villages, there was no applause for the band at the end of the dance as there is nowadays in dance halls. They had a good time, talked, perhaps praised the musician or gave him extra money as a token of appreciation or thanks. But singing, dancing, shouting is the soul of the dance hall, and the musician is happy to hear it.
  10. Confusion
    Don't spoil the harmony by showing off, inappropriate dance steps, inappropriate, rude finger-picking. Don't have a drinking glass in your hand.
  11. Smoke
    When smoking, stay as far away from dancers and musicians as possible. Don't disturb them with smoke that spreads far away.
  12. Clothes, shoes
    A long skirt sets the mood for the dance, a tasteful, nice, possibly folk dress is appreciated by all. A bare shoulder is uncomfortable to grab and hold. For sweaty boys, the tried and tested thick cotton or wool dress is a much better option. Tread carefully if there's a barefoot dancer next to you. (Barefoot dancing is fun, try it. And environmentally friendly!)