Folkance party in yurt, 2021: Körtánc - Circle dance

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Short film in yurt 2021: Szépszerével ensemble (4')

Film report 2022: Festival in Torun 

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Film report 2023: Festival in Torun 

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We play on this open-air place every Wednesday "Csángó-Hungarian" music from Moldva.
You can listen to the music, see the nice view of Budapest and join the dance too.
Since 2012 in every weather (if it rains or shines), from May until October.
Gyulai Farkas (violin, singing), Sámsondi Gergely (koboz, cymbal) - this is the "Szépszerével" group.
Sometimes help us:
Hamza István (flute), Dobos Csaba (koboz), Sommer Ferenc (violin)
The dance-house is free of charge.
To find it: see map  or our map on the folknaptar information site among the pictures.
Buda side, at Gellért-hill, near Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet-híd). One bus stop up, in the green area.